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Norwegian rail technology saving Australian lives

Level crossing Train in AustraliaThe Norwegian company Wavetrain Systems has, in the matter of months, established itself as a large contributor to road and rail safety here in Australia. The company is working towards a railway technology that will not only save millions of dollars but also human lives.

Founded in Norway in 2009, the company first hit Australian soil last year July 1. Within a few months, Wavetrain Systems’ technology for railway safety has already received green light for trials in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and expects full integration of the system into Australian railways within a few years’ time.

Their main focus at the moment are the railway level crossings, which produce great danger for road workers, wildlife, humans and also the trains. By creating a sensory technology that will detect the smallest forms of movement within 8 kilometres, Wavetrain Systems is opening a whole new world of possibilities.


Railway authorities across the world struggle to reach their goals in regards to safety at these level crossings, and this is the way to reduce the risk.

“We are currently focusing on the countries around the world that operate within CENELEC standards, and this includes Australia,” says the Country Manager for Wavetrain Systems Mark Foster.TS_Safety 3

During a presentation held by the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Wednesday 26th April, Mark Foster spoke to all the leading Norwegian businesses that are based here in Sydney and a part of NACC. He also announced that Mike Devlin had accepted the role as Managing Director for the Australian entity.

“We expect that in a few years’ time, our technology will be incorporated into the whole Australian railway system,” he concluded.

“We are pleased to see a Norwegian company doing so well in Australia, trusting this innovation will positively affect Australian rail safety and lives,” says President of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl.

Click here to read more about Wavetrain Systems.

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The Norwegian company Ekornes opens new headquarters in Sydney

As a part of the Embassy’s ongoing dialogue and cooperation with Norwegian business, Ambassador Unni Kløvstad, hosted a network lunch for Norwegian companies in Sydney, with participants from  EkornesFuelBoxImatisMeltwaterNorske SkogQ-FreeScandinavian Business SeatingWavetrain Systems and Wilhelmsen Ships Service among others.

72655 EKORNES IMG_9098

The Norwegian Embassy in Canberra and the Consulate General in Sydney along with Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Norwegian companies, make up Team Norway in Sydney. The Team works to strengthen cooperation and a sense of community among Norwegian actors in order to promote Norwegian value creation overseas.


Whilst in Sydney, The Ambassador also visited the office of the Norwegian company Imatis, which is Scandinavia’s leading digital health application provider. The Ambassador was given an interesting presentation of the Imatis Visi solution which is a complete system for managing resources, processes and collaboration along the patient pathway. Imatis’ innovative health application is already in use at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and at 11 of Healthscope’s hospitals.

72655 EKORNES IMG_9079

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Statoil launches new subsea concept

During the Barents Sea Conference in Hammerfest today, Statoil presented a new subsea concept that is designed to reduce cost and increase efficiency. This concept is called Cap-X.

Cap-X was today presented by Margareth Øvrum, Statoils’, Vice President for Technology, Projects and Drilling.

"Once again we aim to drive subsea technology development on the Norwegian continental shelf together with our industry partners. The potential for increased efficiency and reduced costs can make this the next standard within subsea templates," says Margareth Øvrum.

"With Cap-X, Statoil is one step closer to a “plug and play” solution on the seabed."

This technology increases the efficiency of horizontal drilling in shallow reservoirs.

To read the full article, go here.


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LNG-powered vessel first for Australia

Woodside today signed a five-year charter contract with Norwegian company Siem Offshore Australia Pty Ltd.

This agreement delivers Australia its first LNG-powered (Liquified Natural Gas) marine support vessel in 2017.

Woodside is Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company.

The company is currently working towards a greener future by reducing vessel greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions among other areas.

Visit the Woodside website to view the full media press release.


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Norwegian shipping company Siem Offshore is coming to Australia!

Siem Offshore has been awarded a contract through their wholly owned subsidiary Siem Offshore Australia for the Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel “Siem Topas” of Woodside Energy, according to a statement on Friday.

- This is a very good day for us. It is a tough market and we are not ensuring eighteen months of work every day, says Siem Offshore CEO Idar Hillersøy to

The vessel will operate in Australia, and the contract is expected to begin in May 2016. The duration is 18 months plus options, the statement said.

Siem Offshore has five AHTS vessels and two supply ships laid up at the buoys, according to Sysla.

Read the article here.

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Launching the first ever Norwegian Australian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney

March 31, 2015

On the 31st of March, 30 CEO's from some of Norways most reputable companies with a presence in Australia met at Baker & McKenzie offices to consult on their needs and wants for a Norwegian Australian Chamber of Commerce. The group agreed around a desire for few and high-level events, with a focus on member promotion.

The founding board membersincluded; Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl (President), Danielle Mathiesen (Events), Sarah Chopping (Treasurer), and Ulf Varding (Memberships). The volunteer board laid out a strategic plan to reach membership numbers of 50 companies and 50 individuals by 2017. Their strategy to reach these numbers include hosting business networking events, collaborating with the Norwegian Embassy and including members and prospect members in cultural social events and online communities.

The annual event plan includes 2 sponsored board room breakfasts, 17. May national day event, Scandinavian film festival, Annual General Meeting, 4 Euromix events, Cruise for the Europeans, The Norwegian Embassy's Annual Business Seminar, and Christmas drinks.

"We are grateful that someone is finally starting a Chamber for the Norwegian companies in Australia", says Andrew McKean and Andrew Leighton from  Norske Skog.

"We are please to see such a positive response forn the Norwegian business community, especially considering we lost our culture house in Balgowlah late last year", says founding president Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl.

Attendees included representatives from;  Wilh. Wilhelpmsen Investment, DNV Global, Norske Skog, Scandi Media, The Norwegian Consulate, Imatis and Vision Stream, Interrock, Deloitte, Lighthouse8, Q-Free, SBS Norwegian, Switzer, Baker & McKenzie, Alfa Laval, and Dream Internship. Many additional companies were interested but not able to attend, and the Chamber is positive the interest will increase over time.

Sponsor: Baker and McKenzie

Speaker: James Halliday, Partner Baker and McKenzie


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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to Norwegian Australian Chamber of Commerce!

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