Stentofon, one of our Business Members, is experiencing some impressive and unprecedented positive effects from COVID-19: an incredible influx in inquiries for its Australian operation focused on Waste Sites Resource Recovery and sites with Track Gate, to name a few.

Here are some of the sentiments currently being expressed by Stentofon’s customers which they shared with us:

  • Clients don’t want people getting out of cars and talking to staff face-to-face so Stentofon solved that thanks to their Norwegian Noise Cancelling Intercoms allowing drivers and passengers to remain in the car with their engines still running
  • Since Intercom buttons are a place for COVID-19 transfer, Stentofon solved this customer issue by using its technology so that a Control Room can initiate a call to the driver, providing a hands-free reply
  • As clients did not want people passing things back and forth – Stentofon’s technology has enabled conversations to take place remotely, allowing appropriate dockets to be printed and issued allowing drivers and staff to carry on their work in a safe and hygienic manner

While Stentofon’s technology has existed for years, with its initial deployment in the Norwegian North Sea, it is uplifting to now see it helping Australian businesses and Australian families stay safe and keep working!