In 2020, workplaces are embracing remote work options and now more than ever remote working strategies are vital to bounce back and accelerate growth. However, according to a global study, one of the drawbacks of remote working is loneliness as it was the second most problem faced by remote workers after struggling to unplug from work. Managers on the other hand are still having difficulty trusting their employees to work productively when working remotely.

If not handled properly, remote working can easily sow seeds of mistrust within the teams, and do more harm than good.

For 13 years Facilitated Work Hub has been providing permanent full-time remote workers. They have been helping companies hire highly skilled and experienced software developers and other tech experts in Vietnam. However, they do not offer project based, part-time or ad-hoc works. They believe a long-term focus offers lasting business success and sustainability.

Facilitated Work Hub is the Employer of Record in Vietnam, handling administration, tax and compliance, in addition to talent acquisition, onboarding, integrating, managing and employee engagement, the remote software developers become an integral part of a company’s work environment

Led by their highly experienced management team, whose role is to prevent risks associated with remote working, they create a stable and cohesive workplace and act as a fail safe. All facilitated through a hub concept. This improves productivity, cost efficiency and stability.  As well as allowing you to have control without taking on risks or sacrificing on talent and business goals.

The Facilitated Work Hub is now open for business in Australia and located in Melbourne. So they are seeking experienced and skilled Business Developers (Sales) to join them in Melbourne and a Facilitation Manager for their hub in Ho Chi Minh City. Talk to their CEO Øystein Baeko for more information.