VP Asia & Pacific, Silje Troseth, presented Q-Free Australia´s work on social procurement and was panelist in a discussion on "Sustainable and Ethical Procurement" at ITS Summit in Brisbane . 

The aim of the session was to create awareness of social procurement and share some of Q-Free Australia´s experiences in that space - And with that hopefully inspire others to do something similar. 


Silje has shared the some of the key points from the debate:

  •  Sustainability partnerships are win-win partnerships that are not short sprints, but marathons.
  • Sustainability is more than environmentalism and there are huge opportunities for improvement, impact and change also within the Social aspect of sustainability.
  • Every dollar we spend has an impact.
  • The goal with the collaborative sustainability project with Q-Free, Transurban, Apricot and Multicap Limited is to provide ongoing, sustainable and meaningful work for people with disability.