Connecting people interested in commercial collaboration between Australia & Norway

NACC's Main Objectives: 

The Norwegian Australian Chamber of Commerce (NACC) is a premier platform for business networking in and between Australia and Norway.


Main objectives:

1. to create networking opportunities for members and their communities

2. to promote, encourage and facilitate trade, commerce and investment

3. to create awareness of ties between Australia and Norway


We meet our objectives through:


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  • European Australian Business Council (EABC)
  • Swedish Australian Chamber Commerce (SACC)
  • Finland Australia Chamber Commerce (FACC)
  • Danish Connect
  • Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce (IACC)
  • German Australian Chamber of Industry & Commerce (GACIC)
  • SwissCham (EuroMix events)
  • Slovenian Australian Chamber of Commerce (SACC)
  • Estonian Business Network
  • French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI)
  • Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC)
  • Advantage Austria
  • Maltese Australian Chamber of Commerce (MACC)


Our interest groups include:

  • Norwegian, Scandinavian & European business community in Australia
  • Norwegian companies in Norway with interest in Australian business
  • Australian business community with interest in Norwegian and European business
  • Australian government officials
  • Norwegian, Scandinavian & European community in Australia
  • Executive Committee


Aiming to reflect Norwegian values in our daily activities, we focus on building a community of members who believe collaboration makes us more competitive together.

Open and honest communication, transparency, integrity and ethical business practice is testimony to our members leadership.

Education stand to be the main pillar of the Norwegian belief system, where people grow stronger and wiser through many sources, media and information sharing initiatives.

With our feet firmly planted on the ground, we look forward towards new and better business practices, believing that innovation is a healthy mix of the old and the new.

NACC is a valued partner for the EABC, in promoting economic relations between Australia and Europe.
Jason Collins
Jason Collins
CEO, EABC - European Australian Business Council
Innovation Norway welcome NACC's initiatives and efforts to strengthen the business relations Norway-Australia.
Svend Haakon Kristensen
Svend Haakon Kristensen
Regional Director Asia at Innovation Norway
Norway and Australia share a future vision in business and culture.
Mark Foster
Mark Foster
Member - WaveTrain
Our membership supports our credibility and increases sales
Jorgen Brors
Jorgen Brors
Our community builds on Norwegian values of trust, friendship, and giving
Mike Devlin
Mike Devlin
NACC is a wide-reaching community of small and large players who support each other
We are pleased to collaborate with the NACC
Ambassador Unni Klovstad


Our mission is to promote our members and support Norwegian companies succeed in Australia through information, networking and business support services.


Our Vision is to be Australia’s premier Norwegian Australian business organisation.


Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl

Board Member | Director | President

Sophia has been involved in the daily operation of business networks such as TiE and BNI, is a member of several chambers of commerce, has written 2 eBooks on leveraging networks to succeed, and a thesis on excellence in communication.

Sophia is currently the founder and CEO of Dream Internship, a finalist in 2014 and 2014 Australian Business Awards with the most votes in the category for education and training. She was previously an International Programs Manager for TAFE where she created and delivered internships, study tours, and Australia’s first ever EU/AU exchange program for colleges. Sophia received a BC Communications from UWS, and First Grade Honors in Corporate Communication and an MBM from UTS, she studied Philosophy & Science at UiO, and has a Diploma in Fine Arts.


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Fiona Henderson

Board Member | Executive Director

Fiona is a senior corporate lawyer with over 20 years' experience working with clients ranging from private individuals, to CEOs and Boards of Australian and international corporations. She specialises in assisting foreign corporations set up and operate in Australia and act as the resident company director where needed. Her clients cross a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, building and construction, banking, and start-ups. She has demonstrated experience using the law to bring insight, execution and control to all areas of business and private life.

With a background of broad legal experience as well as particular expertise in all aspects of non-financial risk, including contracts, licensing, trade practices, intellectual property, WH&S, litigation and employment, Fiona is able to understand and develop a company's relationship between risk tolerance and strategy.

Fiona has a Master of Law from UNSW and a Bachelor of Law from ANU.

Stig Falster

Board Member | Director

Stig is the CEO of Interock, a long-established provider of project and management consultancy to major industry sectors; specialist raw materials supplier. He is the president of Chatswood Chamber of Commerce, President of NorthShore Chamber Alliance, and has 25 years experience working in delivering recruitment, leadership and management development solutions.

Stig has a degree in Chemistry and Microbiology from UNSW.

Miles Ponsonby

Regional Non Executive Director WA

Very experienced industry professional with broad corporate, operations, and project management experience.

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Oddbjorn Obi Gjerde

Regional Non Executive Director WA

Obi has a wide background from media, sales, engineering and project management. He is a proven go-getter and has great passion for developing solutions by bringing the right people together.

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Lucian Harhata

Director Web & Marketing

Lucian is a software entrepreneur and  SEO expert with more than 15 years experience in the digital marketing space. He has built 3 successful online businesses and the part of the Chambers website. Lucian has a Master of IT from UTS and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Bucharest. He is fluent in 3 languages.


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Rob Lord

Board Advisor

Robert Lord is the Regional Director for Oceania WWI with more than 20 years experience from several of WWL’s most important customer segments. Rob Lord was appointed Norwegian Consulate General in Australia in 2015. Rob serves on several boards, and will at as a valuable and important advisor to the NACC Board.

Ole Henaes Headshot NACCOle Hanaes

Board Advisor

Ole is the Regional Director Asia at Innovation Norway and is responsible for Innovation Norway's interests in Australia. Ole works to develop and promote world class solutions within Ocean Space Industries and has also worked for Innovation Norway in Hanoi where he is a Board Member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce. Ole was educated at the royal Norwegian Naval Academy.



Jan B Djerf

Board Advisor

With an impressive board portfolio, Jan B Djerf serves as an advisor to the board which allows the Norwegian Chamber to reach an even larger network of professionals in Asia and Europe.

President, Swedish Business Association of Singapore /SBAS/ since 2006
Board Member EuroCham Singapore since 2005
Member of Executive Committee EuroCham since 2013
President EuroCham Singapore since 2015  
Secretary EU - ASEAN Business Council since 2015
Council Member Singapore Business Federation since 2015
Member of Singapore Business Federation Audit Committee since 2015


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Danielle Rene Mathiesen

On Leave of Absence

Danielle is an Associate (Corporate Markets) in the Sydney office of Baker & McKenzie. She has practiced at leading firms in Australia, Germany and New Zealand. She is admitted to practice as a lawyer in New Zealand and in New South Wales, Australia. She was previously admitted as a foreign attorney in Germany (Rechtsanwaltskammer Düsseldorf). Danielle practices in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisory, general commercial law and energy regulatory.

Danielle has authored and contributed to a number of articles related to civil law and common law legal systems, domestic and international private procedural law, international arbitration, mediation and Australian energy regulatory developments. She was a founding Executive Committee Member of the Auckland Young Professionals Society Incorporated (New Zealand) and its former Chair of Legal and Co-Chair of Business Events.

Sarah Chopping

On Leave of Absence

Sarah has varied financial, operational and managerial experience across many industries and disciplines.

Her focus has been on change management, product profitability, risk management, business process improvement, stakeholder engagement, team leadership, return on investment, and new product business case assessments.

Whilst a chartered accountant by trade, Sarah brings an operations focussed view to the table, always driving forward to achieve future goals.

Ulf Varding HeadshotUlf Varding

On Leave of Absence

Ulf has an extensive career within the Print Industry and experience in sales development and growth, building client relationships and business management. He has an impressive portfolio within printing, including: offset and digital print and prepress/graphic design. He holds a 4 year Graphic Design Apprenticeship, a Diploma of Print Management Economics from Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark, and a Bachelor of Business Management from UTS.


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Please contact us for an application to become a Director of the Board.

contact@ norwegianchamber